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This is where we at Temperature Retention Systems got our start, the Self-Storage industry. Years ago, while searching for energy saving materials and products for another company need (also owned by our company's founder) we noticed that heat retention, air flow prevention, solar heat reflection and energy saving products were not always applicable to most commercial and industrial needs. Over the course of time, and the need to create products for ourselves, which could not be found elsewhere, Temperature Retention Systems was created. The good old American Dream of creating a product you actually need and then finding out that others have a similar need for it as well; this is where we have our humble beginnings.

After Temperature Retention Systems developed a product for the specific needs of the Self-Storage industry, word started spreading within the close knit industry that a product was developed to stop the age old problem of air-flow going into and out of self-storage units. A product developed by Temperature Retention Systems, The Weather Barrier Storage Door Curtain™ started getting the attention of self-storage owners and managers, building manufacturers, building installers, door companies, the self-storage media, storage industry talk websites, and even Door Industry trade magazines outside of the self-storage industry.

Containing heat in cooler climates or reflecting heat in warmer climates is achievable with our Weather Barrier Storage Door Curtain product line at Storage Door Curtains™; which also restrict air flow through self-storage roll- up doors and walls.

Even self-storage buildings designed to be heated and/or cooled perform poorly since metal roll-up doors and the door tracks allow for air to freely move through their gaps and open spaces. Typically, installed brush seals and rubber flanges that are installed by the building companies don't stop the air flow and easily allow dust, dirt, sand, snow and pests to enter self storage units. Our installed Weather Barrier Door Curtains™ eliminate air flow into a self-storage unit, retain heat or cooling and don't allow entry to dust, dirt, sand, snow or pests.

Self-Storage buildings that are located in warmer climates transfer outdoor heat to the inside of self-storage buildings which typically make those buildings feel like an oven during the summer. Our Weather Barrier Storage Door Curtain & Heat Barrier Systems also reduce heat infiltration for buildings in warmer climates.

Weather Barrier Storage Door Curtain products can be used to comply with the US Government's Energy Policy Act and qualify for Federal, State and Local Utility Provider financial incentives to weatherize buildings. These financial incentives can help offset the overall expense of a Weather Barrier Storage Door Curtain by as much as 70% off.

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Whether your Aerospace needs are to stop solar heat entry, air-conditioning loss, eliminate airborne debris entry or ensure that your sterile satellite manufacturing lab isn’t disturbed from outside influences, our Weatherized Door Curtain Systems are a definite solution. We have Door Curtain sizing capabilities up to 40’ in width & 90’ in height, with either manual or full automation.

From testing facilities, labs, military parts and aircraft manufacturing facilities, our Weatherized and Windproof Door Curtains ensure that everything from air-borne debris entry to solar heat deflection will not delay that “key” project from being completed due to outside element entry or weather interruptions. Our large scale Door Curtain manufacturing capabilities extend to 200’ in width & 120’ in height with full automation.

Fulfilling the needs of the GSA and the thousands of buildings they manage with our Weatherized Door Curtains, we can effectively eliminate air and/or debris infiltration while also eliminating heat and/or air-conditioning loss. We have Door Curtain manufacturing capabilities to 25’ in width & 30’ in height, with either manual or full automation.

From small warehouses to large manufacturing plants, our Weatherized Door Curtains facilitate the need to effectively eliminate air and/or debris infiltration while also eliminating heat and/or air-conditioning loss. We have Door Curtain manufacturing capabilities to 25’ in width & 30’ in height, with either manual or full automation.

We developed a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling Weatherization System exclusively for the specific needs of the typical metal roll-up door used within the Self-Storage industry. Revolutionizing the ability to now completely weatherize self-storage buildings while having full walls of metal doors on outside facing storage units.

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